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[eia] feudal corps POWs

    Yeah, I was wondering about that, too.  I don't think that your having a
prisoner of his would prevent him from placing a new Bosnia corps on the map
in December.  But what if the war ends before the end of the year?  Could he
then place the Bosnia corps back on the map containing 1 inf. factor?  I
don't know...  I guess I can't see why not...

    BTW, when my computer died, I lost all my copies of the emap.  Once I
get a new computer, I'll start a new one, but that probably won't happen
before the end of the land phase.  So if someone else wants to do the honors
at the end of Feb 1805, please be my guest.  (That is, if people still care
about the emaps.  I like sending them out every once in a while because I
like to be sure that we are all looking at the same thing when we send our
orders.  But maybe that's just me...)


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> > That was the Bosnia corps, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone give a big
> > of applause for the Bosnia corps.
> >
> > Since it had 9 factors and you killed only 8 before it broke, I believe
> you
> > now have 1 factor of POWs.
> >
>     I think that's correct, but I'm not entirely certain how that works
> feudal corps.  If we hit the levy phase in December and one factor is
> POW, does the corps relevy anyhow?  If so, does the POW factor just
> Mike
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