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Re: [eia] ignore the first Papacy escrow message

    You're absolutely right, Joel.  Sorry to override your authority.  I
misinterpreted your previous reply to JJ and thought that I was just
clarifying things.  But you are correct, we only need escrow for Austria and


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> Thus spake "Kyle H":
> >     Yes, JJ (and others), please do reply to the escrow with your
> > about whether to take control of Papacy and Egypt.
> >
> > kdh
> Oops. I thought only Austria and France needed to be be polled this time,
> so that's what I set it up for. Spain and I have already declared interest
> in controlling the Papal States, and Spain in Egypt. By my reading of the
> rules, determining control of minors happens before DoWs on minors are
> resolved---I suppose it is conceivable that who gained control of a minor
> might impact whether a power backed down or pressed on in the event of a
> multiple DoWs. In any case, we should be able to determine control openly
> like before, since it's done by competitive die rolls and affects no other
> aspect of the game.
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