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Re: [eia] Correction for Spanish Land Phase

    I'm confused by these orders, even after they have been corrected.
According to my map, Spain has 3 corps on the board, 2 in Leon and 1 in
Saragossa.  You spent $1 for the depot in Madrid, $1 to feed the corps in
Saragossa, and $2 to feed 1 corps moving back from Leon.  What about the
other corps?
    Also, I want to verify that it is your intention *not* to invade the
country you declared war on this turn.  (If your forces do not enter
Portugal this turn, war will lapse and GB will keep it.)

Just checking,


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> As JJ noted, the corps moving Leon does not have enough movement to make
> to Madrid due to the mountains.  Instead, the corps move to the spot NW of
> Madrid, and are fed from the Madrid depot at a cost of $2.  Total cost
> turn is $4.
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