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Re: [s-d] [Fwd: Changes to Welcome Message, Pages and Files in Google Groups]

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 7:24 AM, Alex Smith <ais523@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Does anyone here actually care about this? I assume that the actual
> messages sent via that forum will remain fine, it's just other things
> that might have issues. (Historical note: "bnomic-emergencyforum" was
> part of a scam in B a while ago, when a conspiracy of four players tried
> to abuse the Emergency system by nominating a non-s-b forum as the
> emergency forum, then cutting off other player's write access to it
> after a while. It failed when one of the players in question backed out;
> nowadays, we have the Trusting status to stop similar issues.)

Did this change in the last month or so?  I don't see "trusting" in
the ruleset anywhere.
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