Charles Walker on Sun, 17 May 2009 11:01:13 -0700 (MST)

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[s-d] proto: Gnomes

Replace Notes with Gnomes (Proto) :

All current Notes are converted into half Red and half Blue Gnomes.

At the end of each week, the total AI of all proposals you authored which
passed that week is the number of Blue Gnomes you gain.
At the end of each week, the number of points you gained that week is the
number of Red Gnomes you gain.

Either {two Red and one Blue} or {two Blue and one Red} can be converted
into an Elemental Gnome of choice, which are also gained as follows:

Earth (Ea) - Gained for weekly office duties as with E Notes
Wind  (Wi) - Gained for monthly office duties as with Eb Notes
Fire  (Fi) - Gained for contest-mastering as with C# Notes
Water (Wa) - Gained for on-time judgments as with D Notes

Elemental Gnomes can be converted into Secondary Gnomes as follows:

(Approx. order of intended value/ usefulness)

Ea + Wi = Crop  (Cr)
Ea + Wa = Herb  (He)
Wi + Wa = Storm (St)
Ea + Fi = Ash   (As)
Fi + Wa = Steam (Se)
Wi + Fi = Smoke (Sm)

Further combinations into Special Gnomes:

4 of all Secondary = Win Gnome
St + Se + Sm + As = Armageddon Gnome (Something nasty on the GameBoard, when
we get it back)
Lots of alcoholic combinations with various uses

Gnomes can be spent (squeezed) as follows:

Increase / decrease caste
transfer w/ 50% tax
attack/ defend on GameBoard if it returns

C-walker, who clearly intends this message to be public.
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