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[s-d] Hello, Agora

A Proposal proposal:

{Create a Rule, titled "Hello, Agora":

{Outside of this rule, by default, terms are not to be interpreted as
Agora Nomic defines them. Inside this rule, by default, terms are to
be interpreted both as Agora Nomic defines them and as B Nomic defines

B Nomic is a partnership whose text consists of its Rules. It is a
public contract in Agora. A Player of B Nomic becomes a party to this
partnership by performing a Game Action in B Nomic. Only Players of B
Nomic can be parties to this partnership; if a party to this
partnership is not a Player of B Nomic, he ceases to be a party to
this partnership.

The Minister of Foreign Relations SHALL fulfill any obligation imposed
on B Nomic by Agora, unless a Rule of B Nomic designates someone else
to fulfill that obligation. If Agora requires B Nomic to keep track of
some information, the Minister responsible for keeping track of that
information SHALL fulfill this requirement.

B mackerel, or B macks (distinct from mackerel in B Nomic), are an
Agoran currency. B Nomic is the recordkeepor of B mackerel. Agora is a
currency owner object. If a Player of B Nomic gives mackerel to Agora
and specifies an Agoran player to award it to, the same number of B
mackerel are awarded to that Agoran player. If an Agoran player
destroys B mackerel and specifies a Player of B Nomic to give it to,
Agora gives the same number of B mackerel to that Player. The rules of
Agora may specify other ways for Agora to give mackerel to other


--Ivan Hope CXXVII
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