Eugene Meidinger on Thu, 7 Sep 2006 14:38:45 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-d] Ding dong the witch is dead.

Now this only applies until someone contradicts me or suggests a better

I would like you to install a mediawiki.
It will require mysql and php in order to run much like some message
boards. Optionally you might wish to install imagemagick as well.

You'll need to edit the LocalSettings.php to make the following changes:
Allow image uploads. Allowing pdf uploads might also be good.
Edit the copyright information. This isn't like an encyclopedia but we
may still want to release everything under something such as the gfdl or
Make it so non-logged in users can only read pages and new accounts must
be made by sysops.

Also if possible please install the graphviz extention.

Now this isn't going to solve all of the issues but the only problem I
can think of right now is that if we want secret and automatic voting we
will need some other program to take care of that.

If you would like any other information I will see what I can find.

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