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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Wonko votes

Question: Is this ugly?

I think it is, but I'm not sure what would look better.
Proposal ####/#: Name

Proposal ####+1/#: Name


Maybe that'd look better.


On Nov 9, 2004, at 3.22 AM, wonko@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Wonko's votes:
Proposal 1928/0: Revisability                             : Yes
Looks good to me. Here's hoping this comment field works.

Proposal 1929/0: Welcome Points                           : Yes
Proposal 1930/0: Unless I say so                          : Yes
Proposal 1931/0: Laying Down the Law                      : Yes
Proposal 1932/0: Redefining Societies once again          : Yes
Proposal 1933/0: No Vaguearies! and some other stuff.     : Abstain
Why not just vote against things that aren't clear?

Proposal 1934/2: The other stuff.                         : No
I think it defeats the purpose of taxation if you can suddenly make a Minister do it for you. I'd prefer something like... allow any player to pay any other player's taxes. Then, for a monthly fee, I'll take care of all your taxation needs for you...

Proposal 1935/1: Tomatoes II                              : Yes
Proposal 1936/0: People of All Colors                     : Yes
Proposal 1937/0: A Card-Eat-Card world                    : Yes
Proposal 1938/1: Indistinguishability                     : No
This seems to reopen the hole all over again.... I would deem that a Bad Thing.

Proposal 1939/1: Powers                                   : Yes
We never did enough with Super Powers.... in fact, we never did anything with Super Powers. Except deactivate the rule. And then repeal it.


Proposal 1940/0: The Battle Hymn of the Squid Piece       : Yes
Now THAT is a song prop.

Proposal 1941/1: Transports                               : No
Move the who with the whatnow?

Proposal 1942/2: Drink, Drank, Re-Drunk                   : Yes
Proposal 1943/0: Appeals Redone                           : Shelve
"A list of gamestate changes which immediately take effect" seems awfully powerful. Far too powerful, in fact.

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