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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Wonko submits p1935

The only problem I have with this is the bit about returning stained cards
for free. I think maybe it should be a stained card and another card
(stained or unstained) for an unstained card from the deck. This way, there
is still a true disadvantage to being hit with a tomato. Otherwise, good


On 11/2/04 8:30 AM, "wonko@xxxxxxxxxxx" <wonko@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Auto-mailed on nweek 72, nday 4
> Sent at Tue Nov  2 16:30:35 2004 GMT
> Wonko has submitted a new proposal, p1935.
> ---------------------------------
> Proposal 1935/0: Tomatoes II
> A Standard Proposal by Wonko
> Last modified on nweek 72, nday 4
> [[
> Everyone's been claiming that they can do various things with Tomatoes and
> Vines; this prop clarifies the rule in question, and also puts in some limits
> to stop people from taking all tomatoes each nweek.
> ]]
> Replace r1902 with:
> {{
> __Tomatoes__
> A. Gardens and Vines
> Gardens are Game Objects. Each player has a Garden; Gardens may not be given
> away.
> Vines are Game Objects. Vines must always be in gardens; if a Vine is ever not
> in a garden, it withers and dies. When a vine dies, it is destroyed. Vines in
> gardens owned by players are called Proprietary Vines.
> At the beginning of each nweek, a new vine appears in every player's Garden
> unless that garden already has a vine in it.
> Every Checking Period, every Proprietary Vine requires watering and weeding.
> Any player may water and weed any Proprietary Vine during a given Checking
> period, and at the end of the checking period, every Proprietary Vine that
> wasn't watered dies.
> If a Garden ever has more than five Vines in it, all but five of them die from
> overcrowding.
> B. Growing Tomatoes
> Tomatoes are Game Objects. At the beginning of each nweek, every Vine that
> existed during the previous nweek gains 1 Tomato.
> Any player may pick any Tomato off of any Vine (the word 'pick' here denoting
> 'take'). However, no player may pick a Tomato if e already holds 5 Tomatoes,
> because eir arms are full. Moreover, no player may pick tomatoes from more
> than two gardens e doesn't own in a given Checking Period, because it takes
> too long to run from garden to garden.
> One nweek after a Tomatoes creation, it becomes Rotten. Players may Plant
> Rotten Tomatoes they hold in any garden, destroying the Tomato and creating a
> Vine in that Garden. The vine so created is owned by the owner of the Garden
> (or by nobody if nobody owns the garden). Players may not plant Tomatoes in
> other player's gardens without the permission of the Garden's owner.
> If a Tomato becomes Rotten while on a Vine, it falls off the Vine and is
> planted in whichever Garden the vine was in.
> C. Public Property
> There exists a Garden called The Town Square. This garden is not owned by
> anyone, nor does anyone own Vines in the Town Square.
> D. Food Fights
> Any player may Throw a Tomato they hold at any other player. 1d4 is rolled; on
> a 1, the target player is Hit with the Tomato and becomes Stained with Tomato
> juice. All eir cards also become Stained Red with Tomato Juice. Regardless of
> whether it hits, a Tomato is destroyed when thrown.
> Players who are Stained With Tomato Juice are treated for all ruleset purposes
> as though they had one less Permanent Honor than they would have if they
> weren't so Stained.
> Cards which are Stained With Tomato Juice do nothing upon being played. Any
> player may return a card in their hand which is Stained With Tomato Juice to
> the deck and draw a new card. Cards put into the Deck cease to be Stained.
> E. Free Throws
> Under certain circumstances, a player may be entitled to a Free Throw. If a
> player announces along with an intent to throw that they are claiming a Free
> Throw, and e is entitled to a free throw against the intended target, then the
> 1d20 is rolled for the throw instead of 1d4, and the Tomato hits on anything
> but a 20.
> If a player picks a Tomato from another player's Vine without that player's
> permission, the owner of the Vine gets one Free Throw against the picking
> player; this opportunity is lost one nweek after the picking (or when it's
> claimed, obviously).
> }}
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