David E. Smith on 30 Oct 2003 02:11:38 -0000

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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Redefinition

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Daniel Lepage wrote:

> I believe I've fixed all the bits people complained about

Obviously, there hasn't been enough complaining. :-)

> __The Admin__ {*(Definitions, Admin, ProposingEntity, GremlinFund)*}
> An External Force may become the Admin if and only if the rules state
> that it is the Admin.

This sentence confuses me. Maybe it's the wording -- apparently someone
can only become the admin if e already IS the admin.

[[ in the revised Bandwidth rule ]]

> At the beginning of each nweek, the number of Chits held by each player
> becomes 10, and the number of Chits held by the Admin becomes 4, unless
> another rule specifies otherwise.

Under these rules, apparently the Admin can now make Quote Props, Respect
Props, and all sorts of other stuff from which e had previously been
barred. Bug or feature?

> An Unauthored Proposal is a Proposal whose prop cost, passage bonus,
> and failure penalty are all 0. Unauthored Props may not be issued
> simply as Unauthored Props; only as types of props that derive from
> Unauthored Props.

This just looks weird. I *think* it works, but it looks weird.

> * Imperial: In a Imperial poll, the Administrator has the power to Veto
> the Poll, at any time up to the official posting of the results. If e
> does so, the Issue only Passes if the number of Yes votes cast exceeds
> twice the number of No votes (at the time of resolution).

I think I prefer somewhat the present definition of vetoes, which gives
the Admin a bit more flexibility in stopping serious game-breakages in the
top Layer of rules.

> The third Checking period of each nweek is the Voting Period of that
> nweek. At the beginning of a Voting Period, a Concealable Imperial Poll

If you change this from "Concealable Imperial" to "Concealable Despotic"
I think the whole game will become much more fun. :-)

> The polls on a Ballot have an additional voting option: Shelve.

I got a bit lost in the twisty maze of rules you were hacking on here --
are Fatal Flaw votes still accounted for somewhere?

While we're at it, are the special modifications for Unauthored Props (no
points, etc.) still covered?

> Repeal rule 25 [[r25/1, __The Administrator__]] and rule 26 [[r26/2,
> __New Players__].

This part still concerns me. A lot. Especially the part about repealing
r25, which you modify earlier in this same prop.

This part at the very least needs to be addressed or else this will meet
my Despotic Veto.

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