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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 51 RESULTS

>>>-My last two days have been interesting for e-mail: On my college
>>a long, pointless discussion of what to rename our Frisbee team
>>>("Will Roble's Mom" appears to be the favorite thus far). On this
>>account... nothing. Y'know, maybe we should put the Grid back in one form
>>>or another... things just haven't been the same since it was nuked.-
>>My brother spent the last two years of high school at the North Carolina
>>School of Science and Math. The Science and Math Frisbee team was known as
>>"Ultimate S&M".
>-Our school's mascot is a Bantam rooster, so just about every sports team
has incorporated the word "cock" into their name. "Will Roble's
>Mom" really isn't all tha bad, by comparison.-

Suggest "Ultimate Cock".

 -- Teucer

"btw, did I mention i'm a sentient AI?"


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