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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Nweek 51 RESULTS

>> It's another of those ambiguous bracket situations isn't it?
>> at a cost of (three style points per word of text) plus five score 
>> points.
>> vs.
>> at a cost of three style points per (word of text plus five score 
>> points).
>> now, is there any way of gramatically arranging brackets to imply that 
>> Wonko
>> should lose 5 score points per word of text?
>Nope, because I explicitly stated that the action I was taking was to 
>create a T-Shirt by spending some Style and no points; even under the 
>logical interpretation of the rule, I haven't actually *done* anything, 
>since the action I tried to take was illegal.
>But it least it got somebody to *say* something.
-My last two days have been interesting for e-mail: On my college account, a long, pointless discussion of what to rename our Frisbee team ("Will Roble's Mom" appears to be the favorite thus far). On this account... nothing. Y'know, maybe we should put the Grid back in one form or another... things just haven't been the same since it was nuked.-

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