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Re: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Patents

>> >Now...the patent doesn't have to be edited for each new type 
>> >of gnome.  After all, you can just come up with another patent 
>> >that makes use of these things called "gnomes" that exist as a 
>> >result of another patent, without conveying any of the 
>> >technology associated with the original other 
>> >words, if you're selling marshmallows, you should probably see 
>> >no problem with someone who wants to invent and patent smores, 
>> >since e'll have to get eir marshmallows from you.
>> -Yeah, but it's just easier to keep it all in one place than to have a
>> patent for every silly little concept. And overarching classes of
>> objects will keep things tidier.-
>If we have patents that reference patents, that *is* an 
>overarching class structure.  Or are you now talking about a 
>class structure as an element of the rules, and patents as 
>possessable objects?  In which case, there'd still be a patent 
>for every silly little concept, otherwise the original 
>patentholder would get more power from an ever-growing class.
>I, for example, might want to independently develop the 88mm 
>recoilless gnomitzer.  You can keep the patent on gnomes.  My 
>patent on the steel jacketed ammo would just reference gnomes 
>as an ingredient. (Forget the funny hat.  Ever see a gnome in 
>a steel jacket?)
-That's very strange... basically, I'm trying to avoid this having been a possibility:

vSOI patents:
Fire Gnomes
Water Gnomes
Earth Gnomes
Air Gnomes
Grain Gnomes
Beer Gnomes
Summer Gnomes
Winter Gnomes
Yoyo Gnomes
Grape Gnomes
Wine Gnomes
Champagne Gnomes
Ford Prefect Gnomes
PGGB Gnomes

There were 34 kinds of Gnomes. Tell me that there wouldn't have had to be a list of 3 dozen patents with text somewhere when one rule worked just fine, and I'll go with your system. What I'm advocating, though, looks more like this:

vSOI patents:

WBE patents:
88mm recoilless Gnomitizer
Vertical Boosters
Cargo Bays

Now, WBE speeder upgrades, by and large, would not be easily compressed into one little subsection, unless that was "speeder upgrades," which is too monopolistic. But Gnomes are Gnomes.

Just don't give Dave lots and lots of extraneous work, that's all I'm saying.-

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