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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Go move

>>>>> It is also worth noting that the Baron cannot posibly play after 
>>>>> the next
>>>>> move either, as all of the players who can move are eir allies. 
>>>>> Somewhat
>>>>> amusing that it is possible to have too many friends :)
>>>> -There's a reason I cancelled all my offers of alliances. Fine, if I 
>>>> can't
>>>> move now, I can try to influence someone else. bd, mind playing at 
>>>> H10 or
>>>> I9, and Rob, think you can take the one bd doesn't next checkpoint? 
>>>> Thanks
>>>> a million.-
>>> Did you break your alliance towith Teucer? It's on the Wiki, but I 
>>> don't see
>>> it in my spoon-business folder...
>> -Mm-hmm. Take two and call me in the morning, you're getting Wonkitis.-
>I think my Wonkitis must have entered another stage; I'm no longer 
>losing messages, but I keep getting replies to things before the things 
-I know, that happens to me every so often, too. A little confusing at times.-

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