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Re: spoon-discuss: nomic: propose reset?

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Benjamin Bradley wrote:

> I don't know if anyone is even still interested in playing... it seems
> everyone's been too busy to notice that our game has lagged for several
> months.

I'd just been scrutinizing the rules, trying to find a way to take
advantage of the fact that, by now, everyone would have acquired the
[Away] attribute. :-)

> anyway, i think that the most exciting part of the game happens at the
> beginning when the ruleset is still fairly simple and it's not too hard
> to find inconsistencies, etc. so I propose that we reset the game to our
> previous initial ruleset and start playing again.

Concur. Heck, nobody's been able to even sort out that whole Pooker
madness. :-)

This is Cc:ed to the business list because a proposal follows. And no, I
don't remember most of the formatting codes, it's been a while, sorry
Joel. Unless anyone else out there thinks it's just too darn ironic to try
to reset a dead game using the rules of the dead game...

/title{The Clean Slate}

1. The New Initial Ruleset is the formal name for those Rules which will
exist after this proposal is executed. [[ Just a definition thing. ]]

1. All Rules with Numbers greater than 200, and less than 300, shall be
reset to their Initial Ruleset state (i.e. their state as of 02 October

2. All Rules with Numbers less than 200 (inclusive) shall be retained

3. All Rules not explicitly mentioned in either of the above clauses shall
cease to exist, and shall be considered null and void. They shall no
longer have any effect on anyone or anything in A Nomic.

4. All rules that exist as part of the New Initial Ruleset shall have
their revision numbers set to zero. i.e. Rule 103/1 will now be Rule
103/0, and so on. Anything that somehow continues to exist after the
reset, but which has a revision number, shall have that revision number
set to zero.

5. All Players' Scores shall be set to zero.

6. Except for those specific exceptions noted elsewhere in this proposal,
all Objects (including, but not limited to, NomicHomes, Pennies, Stamps,
PCards, and Stones) shall cease to exist.

7. As an exception to the above, PurpleBob may, at eir discretion, be
permitted to keep the Ace of Spades from the Red Pack, as a souvenir. If e
elects not to keep this souvenir, it shall also cease to exist.

8. All Offices shall be considered to be vacant, with the exception of the
office of the Administrator. [[ Everyone else's term will have expired at
some point in the past few months anyway... ]] If the Administrator wishes
to abdicate, e may name eir successor, and Rule 208/0 of the New Initial
Ruleset shall be revised to reflect the name of said successor. [[ I
volunteer, btw. ]]

9. Fora (as defined in Rules 112, 218, and 219) shall be retained as they
exist in their pre-reset state (i.e. the current public Forum shall be the
spoon-business@xxxxxxxxx mailing list), unless the Administrator abdicates
as listed above. In this case, the new Administrator shall designate a new
Forum at eir earliest opportunity.

10. All Judgments, Judicial Orders, Live and Archived Proposals, Live and
Archived Motions, voting records, and other game-related entities
connected to the state of A Nomic prior to this proposal shall cease to
have any effect on A Nomic. These things may be retained if it is deemed
to be of historical interest, but may not directly affect A Nomic in any
way. [[ i.e. no fair digging up pre-reset judicial precedent. ]]

11. The Administrator, or eir designated successor, shall use eir best
judgment in resetting the state of A Nomic to a clean-slate condition,
suitable for play once again. This clause is necessary because, due to the
complexities of A Nomic, no proposal can claim to be complete as to the
requirements of a full reset. [[ i.e. the standard 'Dave forgot something'
escape clause. ]]



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