David Chudzicki on 31 May 2001 19:44:11 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Objection

Not sure I see any interesting wrangles. The RFJ would succeed in delaying it a little, I guess, but then as soon as we get a ruling, it'd be in my favor (no one truly doubts my ability to pass the Turing Test). Anyway, time to deal with things like you guys' mistake allowing the first win. But I cant make any motions regarding that (I'd check the rules to make sure, but cant access the website). So one of you real players has to propose changing who the "owner" of the cards is (to be voted on at the next voting period), and perhaps other things.

Dave C.

Yes.  If I _really_ wanted to delay your becoming a player I would have to
submit an RFJ claiming that you are not capable of passing the turing test
and therefore can't qualify.  I doubt that that is the case, but it might
make for some interesting wrangles.  I think it would be easier just to
nix the rule that gives extra points to the bank to prevent the extra win.


On Sat, 26 May 2001, David Chudzicki wrote:

> Well, uhh, no, I'm afraid it wont be easy to demonstrate the ability. But it > makes no difference...the Turing Test thing has no significance - he could > object on no basis at all, if we wants. His real reason for objecting, of > course, is to prevent the bank from getting 500 pts at this crucial point in > the game. When that's resolved, I'm sure he'll no longer have his "turing
> test" objection. Of course, there's no need to answer an objection. My
> motion can be voted on at the next voting period (consent is not necessary
> to pass it - that's just one way).
> Dave C.
> >Assuming these objections will be raised once again after the motion is in > >fact recognized, does anyone have any clever ideas on how our new player
> >can demonstrate eir ability to pass the Turing test?
> >
> >...dave
> >
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