Ed Murphy on Sun, 30 Nov 2008 09:46:49 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] BUS: RE: ^354 Is Worth More Than What I'd Get For Winning

ais523 wrote:

> ehird wrote:
>> I vote for myself because I am the Werewolf.
> Well, either you're crazy, or you're correct.
> I vote for ehird in the Werewolves contest.

ehird, Pavitra, and ais523 are voting for ehird.  ehird is
lynched; e was indeed a werewolf.  (Why e didn't keep the ^354
/and/ go for the points is beyond me.)

Per clause 5a, the surviving villagers (ais523, Pavitra, and comex)
win the session.

Parties to this contract are Murphy, root, Zefram, Wooble, ais523,
ehird, Pavitra, avpx, comex, Quazie, 0x44, Charles, and Warrigal;
all of these are first-class players of Agora, so the maximum points
this contest can award in a given week is 5*12 = 60.  Per clause 5a,
I award floor(60/3) = 20 points (in Agora) and a silver Trophy (in B,
which may or may not work) to each of ais523, Pavitra, and comex.

Session #3 will (if the set of parties stays the same) have 12
townspersons, of which 1+floor((12-5)/3) = 3 will be werewolves.

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