Jay Campbell on Fri, 28 Nov 2008 11:31:32 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Refresh Proposal: Fix Era 4

[first draft, comments solicited]

I submit all that follows as a Refresh Proposal:

/* 1. Charles' Outsider fix */

Rename Rule 4E3 "External Forces" and amend it to read: {{An External 
Force is anything which exists independently of the game. That is, it 
would still exist if the game stopped existing, and would still exist if 
the game had never started existing.}}

Replace all instances of "Outsider" in the rules with "External Force".

/* 2. J's Contracts patches - ditch officers, half-ditch automation, 
unanimous consent, maintenance delegation*/

Replace the body of 4E70 Contracts with {{ A Legal Entity may create a 
Game Document known as a Contract. Legal entities who are bound by a 
Contract are known as Parties to that Contract. A Contract may specify 
conditions to authorize Legal Entities to voluntarily become or cease to 
be its Parties via Public Forum. A Contract may be modified with the 
explicit approval of all its parties.

When a Party becomes obligated by a Contract to perform an unambiguous 
action, any Player may send a message to the Public Forum causing that 
Party to attempt to perform that action.

Contracts may create Things, which are Game Objects that exist only 
within the scope of that Contract but may be referenced from other 
contexts. Things may not be created with the same name as any existing 
Game Object. Any object or state that a Contract claims to create that 
is not authorized by the Rules is considered a Thing.

There exists a Ministry known as the Ministry of Business. The Ministry 
of Business, also known as the Arbiter, is responsible for maintaining a 
Public Display of all Contracts and their current text, parties and 
other game state. The Arbiter may delegate this responsibility to any of 
the Parties of individual Contracts.

If a Contract has no Parties, any Player may cause it to cease to be a 
Game Object.

/* 3. Includes Murphy's complete Refresh Proposal: */

Amend Rule 4E45 (Ministries) to have the same text it did immediately 
before Proposal 0515 was adopted.

/* http://b.nomic.net/index.php?title=Rule_4E45&oldid=7974 */

For each ministry that had a holder immediately before Proposal 0515 was 
adopted, re-install that holder into that ministry.

/* Does not create the legal fiction that the ministries existed or were 
held in the interim. */

Amend Rule 4E34 (Mackerel) to have the same text that Rule 4E45 
(Ministries) did immediately after Proposal 0515 was adopted.

/* http://b.nomic.net/index.php?title=Rule_4E45&oldid=8943 */

/* This is presumably what 0x44 intended the proposal to do. */

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