Tyler on Thu, 20 Nov 2008 21:40:14 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] MathNauts, Declare Yourselves!

Seeing as Proposal 514 most likely passed, I gain the property MathNaut. My
Attributes should be defaulted as follows.
Variable: the ndelay
Input: 1
Target: Ty-Guy6
Role: Investigator

The Stage Attribute for MathFlag is defaulted to Preliminary, but the
gamesmaster can change this at any time!

I have a few questions for the current Gamesmaster, Charles (Or maybe I
should be asking the game inventor, BP):
What will be reported for weird fraction outputs like 5/7? I hope you will
convert these to decimal or something. Otherwise that division sign is
pretty useless.
Can we use 'i' more than once in our expression? 'v'?
Can we put combinations in our expression like '1' and '0' to make ten? How
about '2' and 'i' to make two times i? Or do we have to use 5*2 or 2*i?

Sidenote: It would be pretty easy for anyone to make it practically
impossible to determine their expression's pattern. Let's be nice and make
ones that will be not to hard but not too easy. Silly Rabbit, games are for

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