Jamie Dallaire on Thu, 20 Nov 2008 16:07:05 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Why Wooble Did Not Win. Why Are You All Paranoid?

I was going to set my Mental State to Paranoid just for sanity's sake. But I
will not.

Here is why Wooble did not win. He did not change the Rules. We are still
playing B Nomic, not C Nomic. He did forfeit later on.

a) 4E70:  "A contract must specify means by which a party may cease to be
bound that contract. No contract may restrict any party from ceasing to be
bound by that contract, except insofar as the party has outstanding
obligations bestowed by that specific contract."

Wooble's contract did not specify any way for leaving. However, he could
possibly argue that obliging Wooble to create a Rule that gives Wooble the
power to change the gamestate in any way de facto gives Wooble the power to
leave the contract if he darn well pleases.

b) 4E7: "To perform a Game Action, an Outsider must post a message to a
Public Forum specifying that he is taking that action." 4E70: "When a Player
becomes obligated to perform an unambiguous Game Action by a Contract, that
Game Action is performed as if the Player had sent it to the public forum."
4E75 (Rule Power = 1): "If two Rules of the same Power contradict each other
and exactly one says the other takes precedence over it, that other one
takes precedence. / If two Rules of the same Power contradict each other and
the above paragraph does not state which takes precedence, the one with a
lower number takes precedence."

One COULD potentially argue that 4E70 says it takes precedence over 4E7, but
that would be an EXTREMELY indirect argument. A side effect of following
these rules would be that pretty much everything done by the OCB (except
what's been auto-ratified till now...) is invalid, since the OCB does not
post to the PF. Oh well. And as someone else (teucer?) pointed out earlier,
the OCB might not be a Player anyway. Shall we repeal him?


OK. So everyone CALM down. I'll try and figure out whether or not we're in
an emergency.

Billy Pilgrim

PS: j, if we are in an emergency and you are the MoM, I strongly suggest
making c-nomic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the Emergency Forum. This would be
appropriate because as Taral mentioned, anyone becoming Paranoid on B Nomic
actually became Paranoid on C Nomic as well despite spoon-business no longer
being a PF of C Nomic (if C Nomic 2.0 existed).
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