Ed Murphy on Wed, 19 Nov 2008 10:13:14 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Gamestate Recalculation

ehird wrote:

> Consultation
>    Question: Are timed actions (e.g. "At 00:00 I do X") possible?
>    Reasoning: I can't find them anywhere in the rules.

Rule 4E7, relevant excerpt:

      An Outsider may post a message to a Public Forum specifying that
      he will perform a specified Game Action at a specified time in the
      future, with reference either to The Clock or to Coordinated
      Universal Time (UTC). A Game Action performed in this manner takes
      place at the time specified by the Outsider, defaulting to the
      start of the next occurrence of any period of time unless
      otherwise specified by the Outsider [[ *e.g.* if one writes "I do
      X on nday 8", X happens at the start of the next nday 8]]. If
      multiple Game Actions are set to be performed in this manner at
      the same time, they occur in the order they arrived at the
      appropriate forum.
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