Jay Campbell on Tue, 18 Nov 2008 11:48:09 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] doing the laundry

I post the 5th passphrase for J's Holding Company: iswoobleaplayer

As an Officer of J's Holding Company I transfer m2180 to the player J.

For each of  {Brown, Burnt Sienna, Beige} as "XXX" I do {

Purchase 6 XXX socks @m300 = m1800. I post the following Motion for XXX 

{{  INSTALL player J as CEO. AUTHORIZE any Officer twice to transfer all 
macks to the player J. }}

I vote FOR this motion. I resolve this motion. It passes. As CEO I 
transfer m1800 to the player J.

I purchase the 3 remaining XXX socks @m300 = m900. As CEO of XXX 
Corporation I transfer m900 to the player J.


[end result, hopefully: I own 27 new socks with no net mack transfer]

Geoffrey Spear wrote:
> I post the following Motion in each of the Brown, Burnt Sienna, and
> Beige corporations:
> {{
> Buyback 9 socks with a 100 mack buyback price.
> Adjust sock price to 300 macks
> }}
> I vote FOR this motion in each corporation.  I resolve these motions, they pass.
> I buy back 9 Brown socks from Wooble for 640 macks
> I buy back 9 Burnt Sienna socks from Wooble for 720 macks
> I buy back 9 Beige socks from Wooble for 720 macks

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