Jamie Dallaire on Thu, 13 Nov 2008 22:27:56 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Anti-Dictatorial Dictatorial Power Move

[[Wooble wrote:
For display to the public:
Rule 4E1 currently reads "The player Wooble can change the gamestate
in any way at any time.  This rule CANNOT be repealed, rules to the
contrary notwithstanding." and has a Power of 1.]]

There is no way for us to Challenge it within one nweek. There is no way for
us to change the Rules to allow ourselves this Challenge within one nweek
without objection from Wooble (well, except for an Emergency... or a spam
scan...). This Public Display will become ratified one nweek after it was
posted. That is OK.

Rule 4E1 is Repealed.

I submit the following Public Display:
Rule 4E50 (Public Displays) currently reads:

A Public Display is a display of an aspect of the current state of the game
in a form easily accessible to all Players. Good Public Displays can include
the B Nomic wiki or posting on a regular basis to a Public Forum.

If the rules require a Ministry to maintain a public display, then that
Ministry is obligated to update that public display to reflect the current
gamestate whenever the data related to it is modified. However, this
obligation is fulfilled even if there are accidental errors and/or omissions
in the updated data of the public display.

Any player may challenge a public display as a Game Action by listing any
errors he believes to be present in that public display. The Minister who
maintains that display is obligated to address those errors by either
correcting them or indicating why he believes them to be already correct.

A Player may, as a Game Action with 4 Support and no Objections within 2
rdays, Approve a Public Display. The Public Display in question must either
be provided in full as part of the Game Action or linked to on a static web
page [[e.g. permanent link on the wiki]]. When a Player successfully
Approves a Public Display, the Gamestate is changed to reflect what it would
be if the Approved Public Display were accurate as of the time the Player
attempted to Approve it. Any subsequent changes (Game Actions or
automatically triggered events) that would normally be reflected in this
Public Display are retroactively simulated.

I made 2 changes to the Rule.

1) removed "that is maintained by a ministry" as suggested by teucer (whose
modification via consultation public display worked if what i'm doing now
worked, which only works if what wooble did (modify a repealed rule)

2) removed the part about auto-ratification so that we can sort things out
before any further nonsense occurs. Need specifications about: is it 1 nweek
since it got posted or modified? When ratified one nweek later is it
ratified in the state that it was when posted or in its current state if it
has changed since? When you change a public display is it a new one or the
same one just different? And I could go on.

Too much scope for interpretation for this auto-approving thing NOT to be
dangerous till we can actually better define and constrain Public Displays.

Minister of Law, take note that this change will occur next nweek at this

Billy Pilgrim
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