Charles Schaefer on Thu, 6 Nov 2008 14:38:47 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] PD Reform

I submit the following Brick Red proposal, titled "PD Reform"

{Replace the text of Rule 4E50 with:

{{A Public Display is a display of an aspect of the current state of the
game in a form easily accessible to all Players. [[Good Public Displays can
include the B Nomic wiki or posting on a regular basis to a Public Forum.]]

If the rules require a Ministry to maintain a public display, then that
Ministry is obligated to update that public display to reflect the current
gamestate whenever the data related to it is modified. However, this
obligation is fulfilled even if there are accidental errors and/or omissions
in the updated data of the public display.

Any player may challenge a public display that is maintained by a Ministry
as a Game Action by listing any errors he believes to be present in that
public display. The Minister who maintains that display is obligated to
address those errors by either correcting them or indicating why he believes
them to be already correct.

Any player may, as a Game Action, with more Support than Objections in 2
rdays, Approve a Public Display. The term "Ratify" is synonymous with
"Approve" in this context.

When a Player successfully Approves a Public Display, the Gamestate is
changed to reflect what it would be if the Approved Public Display were
accurate as of the time the Player attempted to Approve it.

Any public display which has not been challenged within 10 rdays is
automatically considered to be approved.}} }
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