Charles Schaefer on Thu, 6 Nov 2008 13:01:17 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Ministry of Questions actions

To the PF:

2008/11/6, Charles Schaefer <chuckles11489@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2008/11/5, Jay Campbell <bnomic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> The Consultation below is numbered 138 and is assigned to Priest Teucer.
> The wiki says this was assigned to me. I think the mailing list takes
> precedence over that, but the wiki IS a public display.
> Assertion: I am currently the Priest assigned to Consultation 138.
> I submit the following answer and reasoning to Consultation 138:
> Answer: YES
> Reasoning: I know of no way to determine the actual answer, but I feel that
> an answer of PARADOX would not be appropriate, since both answers could
> potentially be logically correct. Thus, I am making the arbitrary decision
> to answer YES. Note that since the recent refresh proposal repealed comex's
> (first) corporation, those macks ceased to exist along with it.
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