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Re: [s-b] I publish the following ballot and turn the clock on!

I cast the following ballot:

497 Export {{FOR}}
498 Failsafe {{AGAINST}}
499 Doctor Doolittle {{AGAINST}}
500 Contract Automation {{AGAINST}}
501 Historical Completeness {{AGAINST}}
502 Return socks on player inactivation {{FOR}}
503 Slow down ministry reward lowering {{FOR}}
504 Refactoring {{FOR}}
505 Trust-busting {{FOR}}
506 Enough already {{AGAINST}}
507 A less drastic fix... or a kludge? {{AGAINST}}
508 Cadavre Exquis {{FOR}}
509 Notification of All PEPs {{FOR}}
510 Abandon Non-Monotonic RP Voting {{FOR}}
511 Partially Restore Victory {{FOR}}


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