flutesultan on Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:34:34 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-b] Roster update (Death, take note).

Ok, I went ahead and updated the Roster to reflect
the new and rejoining players.

Welcome FishFace!
Welcome back Antonio Dolcetta!

At present your Soul is handled as "Antonio".
If you prefer the foreshortened alias without your
surname, it might be better to alter the name in your
Wiki account to reflect this. Thus, your Proposals,
Voting, etc. will reflect. If you prefer to keep your
surname as part of your ID, that's OK too.
Your Soul is in The Gallery. After the rules
change, I recommend you go and get it.

You are new to the game. Your voting in the
last nWeek is moot (you weren't yet a Player).
You joined after the beginning of the current
nWeek. You'll start with no Angstroms, but
should be in possession of your Soul.


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