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[s-b] [auto] Wonko votes

Wonko's votes:
Motion 214/0: Repeatedly Add More Points               : For
Motion 243/0: Seeking Self Soul Securing               : For
Motion 244/0: Stop Selective Soul Seizing              : For
Motion 245/1: Surpassing Simplifying Subtraction Stuff : For
Motion 246/0: Selective Soul Spending Should Satisfy   : For
Motion 247/4: Trying to Take Tiles To Tomorrow         : Against
When a round of Tiles ends, I think everyone should start off even, instead of getting Tiles for whatever they had left on the board at the end of the last round.
Also, since nobody seems to be playing it, I'm not sure it's worth having around.

Motion 249/1: Test Prop                                : Maybe
Motion 250/0: Test Prop                                : Maybe
Motion 253/0: Yes, I am Insane                         : Against
I assume it would end the game. And I am Against this.

Motion 254/0: Proposal of Ending Tiles                 : For
A smaller ruleset would be useful right now, methinks.

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