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[s-b] [auto] Peter submits p252

Peter has submitted a new Motion, p252.

Motion 252/0: Executive Tidiness: Triller's changes
A Referendum by Peter
Last modified on nweek 97, nday 8

[[This is an Executive Tidiness Referendum due to spelling and grammar. It becomes open at the end of nday 8, and resolves at the end of nday 10.]]

Make these changes to the rules:
In 3-9, last sentence of 2.A, change "recive" to "receive",
and in 2.D, remove the space from "multiword".
In 3-19, under Rock Golem, change "specical" to "special"
under Genechip Golem, change "posses" to "possess",
under Shadow Golem, change "possesion" to "possession",
and "intiger" to "integer".
In 3-21, under Golem, change "determening" to "determining".
In 6-8, in the last two sentences, change "existance" to "existence" in 3
In 9-3, near the end of the 2nd paragraph, remove an "s" from "addresss".
In 9-9, change "forseeable" to "foreseeable" in 10 places,
and change "unforseen" to "unforeseen" in the comment.
In 9-13, first paragraph, change "explictly" to "explicitly".
In 10-6, 2nd paragraph, change "an playerless" to a playerless",
in the 4th paragraph, change "monsters" to "monster's",
and in the 6th paragraph, change "mosters" to "monsters",
and change "Nibmleness" to "Nimbleness".
In the SuperPowers listing, under Fundraising, change "recieved" to


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