flutesultan on Tue, 6 Sep 2005 14:44:28 -0500 (CDT)

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[s-b] RE: [s-d] Re: Banking Statement: 31-Aug-05

> Subject: [s-d] Re: Banking Statement: 31-Aug-05
> flutesultan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Deleted Sonnet Nazi - sorry to see you go.
> I just saw her try to open elections for the Ministry of Grammar... I
> think she's still playing the game, although rather inactively.
> -- 
> Peter C.

My fault for connoting "Quit" and "Forfeit" synonymously.
Sonnet Nazi added to Roster. My last hardcopy of the Roster
shows 215 Angstroms (dated 8/26/05).
My last Banking Statement (8/24/05) shows 384 GC, but
end of nWeek 96 actions apply. Banking Statement to follow.
Apologies for presumption.


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