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[s-b] [auto] Araltaln submits p1910/0

Auto-mailed on nweek 70, nday 2
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Araltaln has submitted a new proposal, p1910.

Proposal 1910/0: Respect Revisited: Renown
A Standard Proposal by Araltaln
Last modified on nweek 70, nday 2

__Respect Revisited: Renown__

Add a rule:


Players may possess varying forms of Renown. Renown may not be given away, it must be earned.

A given point of Renown may be Temporary or Permanent. If a player has 10 points of Temporary Renown in a given category, that player loses all points of Temporary Renown in that category and gains one point of Permanent Renown in that category. [[Note that conversion the other way is not automatic--if you have 2 Permanent Renown and 0 Temporary Renown and something causes you to lose 1 Temporary Renown, you won't then have 1 PR and 9 TR.]]

The categories of Renown are Glory, Honor, and Wisdom.

A point of [type] Renown in the [category] category may also be referred to as just [type] [category]. For instance, one could gain 1 Temporary Wisdom.

Each player gains a number of points of Permanent Glory equal to the number of Franklins e possesses, then loses all Franklins e possesses.

Remove subsection A.3 from Rule 21. [[Respect is hardly a Capital Resource :P]]

Modify the first sentence regarding General Props in Rule 19 to read:
General Props are Proposals with a prop cost of 2BW, a passage bonus of 3d6 points and 1 Temporary Honor, and a failure penalty of 1d6 points.

Modify the first sentence of Rule 27 to read:

If a player's score ever exceeds 1000 points, e is awarded a Win and 1 Permanent Glory, and all points are destroyed.

Modify the last two paragraphs of Rule 127 to read:

When the Judge judges the CFI, e receives 10 tildex and 1 Temporary Wisdom, ceases to be the Judge of that CFI, and is moved to the Upper House.

If seven or more days have passed since a judge was assigned to a CFI, any player may Recuse that Judge. When this happens, the CFI is Remanded to the Upper House, the Recuser gains 5 tildex, and the Judge ceases to be Judge of that CFI, loses 20 tildex and 2 Temporary Wisdom.

Modify section E of Rule 625 to read:

E. Ministerial Payment At the end of each nweek, each Minister who has held eir Ministry for that entire nweek and performed all Duties required shall receive 20 points and 1 Temporary Wisdom.



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