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[s-b] [auto] Zarpint submits p1908/0

Auto-mailed on nweek 69, nday 7
Sent at Wed Sep 22 20:11:43 2004 GMT

Zarpint has submitted a new proposal, p1908.

Proposal 1908/0: Respect, Again
A Standard Proposal by Zarpint
Last modified on nweek 69, nday 4

Add the following to the Ruleset as r21.A.3:

"A.3 Respect

Players may possess Respect in units of Franklins. After a Player Wins,
e receives 1 Franklin. It is the responsibility of the Minister of the
Roster to keep track of the Franklins each Player has."

Add the following to the end of r27:

"When a Player is awarded a Win in this fashion, Deactivate this Rule."

[[That way, when we prop to fix a scam, we can manually reactivate r27
when we're ready.]]


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