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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 56 BALLOT (Corrected)

I vote as follows:

> Proposal 1756/0: Age before Beauty (Wild Card)
You can't do that! There is no r1282!

> Proposal 1757/2: For the Love of Bob (The Pusher Robot)

> Proposal 1758/0: Repeal of the LOSA (Wild Card)
No! I like abbrevs.

> Proposal 1759/1: The Council Revisited (Wonko)
No-this is ripe for a Glotmorf-like takeover.

> Proposal 1760/0: Political Tafl (Teucer)
No. It still is the best strategy for all players to place
one king and get it off as soon as possible.

> Proposal 1761/0: Allowing Actions Again (Wonko)
This prop is unnecessary, as I pointed out. But since it'll pass anyway,
I'll try to get a contrary voting point.

> Proposal 1762/0: Standardized Elections (Wonko)
> Proposal 1764/1: Nevinyrral's Disk (SkArcher)
> Proposal 1765/0: Untitled Prop by SkArcher (SkArcher)

Abstain to all three until these are on the prop page.

> Proposal 1766/0: Gender Fix (Zarpint)
> Proposal 1767/0: Pseudocoding is not a crime (Zarpint)
> Proposal 1768/1: Rewarding Strangeness (Zarpint)
> Proposal 1769/0: Attributes are very Stylish (Zarpint)
> Proposal 1770/0: Once More, With Less Suckage (Baron von Skippy)

The Style Police

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