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The following quotes have been added to the Big Ol' Book of Quotes during nweek 55:

I smear Team Crimson, the S.S. Triumphant, and Martin Van Buren.
Said by Rob
Submitted by Anything McGee

I put too many capital letters in that bit. It was late and I was drunk.
Said by SkArcher
Submitted by Zarpint the Incomplete

To further clarify: bollocks to political correctness.
Said by SkArcher
Submitted by Baron von Skippy

Well, it looks good, but I'm afraid without a funny name I can't really make a final decision here.
Said by Baron von Skippy
Submitted by Sagitta

I concede there's nothing wrong with those moves except that they take our freaking pieces.
Said by Rob
Submitted by SkArcher

Due to the passage of these, the following players have gained points:
Rob:                13 points (2 quotes)
Anything McGee:     3 points  (1 submission)
SkArcher:           18 points (2 quotes, 1 submission)
Zarpint:            3 points  (1 submission)
Baron von Skippy:   8 points  (1 quote, 1 submission)
Sagitta:            3 points  (1 submission)
Wonko:              20 points (Ministry of Quotations salary)

Fun facts:
The Big Ol' Book of Quotes contains 24 quotes.
Baron Von Skippy is the most quoted player, being quoted seven times.
Baron Von Skippy has made the most submissions, submitting four different quotes. Nweeks 41, 46, and 55 are tied for the greatest number of submissions; five submissions were made during each.

The Ministry of Quotations website is now up-to-date. See <http://www.nomic.net/~wonko/quotes.html>

Minister of Quotations

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