Bill Adlam on 13 Jan 2004 21:12:46 -0000

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[Spoon-business] peanut butter

Zarpint wrote:

> The *buzz* clock automatically advances every day even
> *buzz*
> when it shouldn't.

It's been showing nweek 56, nday 4 for about a week now.

> By the way *buzz*, speaking in my role as the Style Police, it is
> *crackle*
> very bad style to claim universal acknowledgement of something *buzz*
> clearly contradicted by the rules. I sentence you to wearing an Elvis
> costume for an nweek. :P

Thank you very much.  In keeping with this role, I eat the following
high-cholesterol comestibles, if they're still edible:
Robin, Mr. Dice Roller (broken link, so undefined), Curt & Rod.

And I give a point to Mikie the Inscrutable.


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