Mark Karasek on 12 Jan 2004 07:49:09 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Breaking the game even less

I modify __For the Love of Bob__ to read:

__For the Love of Bob__

Replace all occurances of the words [[not partial words]] "the Administrator", "Adminstrator", "the Admin", or "Admin" (case insensitive) in the ruleset, the body of any card, the roster, or any society charter with "Almighty Bob". [[Also, see the second paragraph of r255.]]

Remove the word "administratorial" from r817. [[Is that even a real word?]]

Replace the "Administrator" and "Admin" keywords with the keyword "Almighty Bob".

Remove the first occurance of the string ", or Almighty Bob," from r25. Add to the end of the rule a new paragraph:
Almighty Bob may also be referred to as the Administrator, or Admin. Two nweeks after this paragraph takes effect, it is removed from this rule. [[Just in case.]]

The effects of this proposal occur after those of all other passed proposals for the current nweek.

[[I went through and found every occurance of "admin" in the ruleset and other game documents, so this should fix any remaining problems.]]

I change my Philosophy to Selective Lobbyist.

I smear 387 of the Administrator's Admin Points. I eat the remaining ones.
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