Bill Adlam on 4 Jan 2004 02:50:15 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Re: Nweek 55 votes

I vote as *buzz* follows:

>Proposal 1719/1: Is Your Card Filled? (Glotmorf)

No. Not interesting enough to make it worth expanding the deck

>Proposal 1720/1: Closed Connection (SkArcher)


>Proposal 1721/0: This Space Intentionally Left Blank (Glotmorf)

*buzz*  No.

>Proposal 1722/0: Poik! (Wonko)

Yes.  *crackle*

>Proposal 1723/0: Nop Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater

No.  Nop is a nice kind of card, but it would make more sense if it had
no (direct) effect at all.  *crackle*

>Proposal 1724/0: Involuntary Exchange (Baron von Skippy)

Yes, mainly because it helps us draw more *buzz* cards.

>Proposal 1725/1: Rock, Paper, Pirates (Teucer)

No.  Still doesn't appeal to me.

>Proposal 1730/1: Spin, Pray, Pull (Baron von Skippy)

Yes.  It's workable, despite the apparent error.

>Proposal 1731/0: Joining the Game (Sagitta)

No.  I didn't realise this *buzz* was still hanging around.

>Proposal 1733/0: No thanks, I'm full (Wonko)

No, absolutely not.  But it would make sense to remove eclairs from the
ruleset on detection.
BTW, I don't think my smearing of Nomvivor has been recognised.

>Proposal 1734/1: It Spreads... (Wonko)

Yes.  I'm a bit worried it might get out of hand (no pun intended), but
if so, we can fix it later.  *buzz*  If Dave doesn't veto it at birth.

>Proposal 1735/0: Quote prop by SkArcher (The Administrator)

*crackle*  Yes.

>Proposal 1736/1: Disease Control (Baron von Skippy)


>Proposal 1737/0: CDC (Teucer)


>Proposal 1738/0: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (Baron von Skippy)

Yes.  Probably best played in conjuction with YSHTMF.

>Proposal 1739/0: In the Interests of Dave's Sanity (Baron von Skippy)

Yes.  Not that I'm in favour of sanity, but I like *crackle* the extra

>Proposal 1741/1: Less is More: Winning (Baron von Skippy)

Yes.  I'm ambivalent about the *crackle* Respect part: if I can win
without being honoured in a respect prop that is less interesting, but
it is in my interest.  

>Proposal 1742/0: Quote prop by Sagitta (The Administrator)

Yes.  *crackle*  I left the author and date out of the braces
delimiting the proposal - the date has made it in, but not BvS's name. 
Perhaps this could be modified by administrative fiat?
And another yes from my Plotting Radical vote, as *crackle* an
experiment to see whether this counts as one of my own proposals.

>Proposal 1743/0: They don't need them anymore (Wonko)

Yes.  Kick them *buzz* when they're down.

>Proposal 1744/0: Whoosh (Wonko)

Yes.  Rather pleasant, in a simple way.

>Proposal 1745/0: No More Discounts (Teucer)

No, I don't want to watch you all sitting around eating your Honorary

>Proposal 1746/0: Quote prop by Anything McGee (The Administrator)

Yes, after researching how Martin van Buren relates to B Nomic.

>Proposal 1749/0: Declaration Of Extreme Cleverness (Sagitta)

As the scam didn't work, I cannot in good faith vote for this proposal.
Therefore I vote for it in bad faith, in the hope of getting a contrary
vote point.  Plus I aint seen one good lynching in years.

>Proposal 1750/1: So How Does A Fut Nuck? (Glotmorf)


>Proposal 1751/0: Quote Prop by Baron von Skippy: Bollocks! (Baron von


>Proposal 1752/0: Quote Prop by Zarpint (Zarpint)

Shelve.  I'll vote Yes if the Minister of Quotes promises to include
the delimiters.

>Proposal 1753/0: Read My Lips (SkArcher)


>Proposal 1754/1: Political Tafl (Teucer)

Shelve.  It's not mature.

>Proposal 1755/0: Fixing Go Endgames (Teucer)


In my *crackle* capacity as the Style police, I note that several
unusually stylish proposals have been submitted.  1733 has the virtues
of brevity and poetic form, 1734 blights the card game wonderfully,
1743 is both utilitarian and vindictive, 1755 is briefly amusing.  Best
of all is *buzz* 1752, creatively exploiting the prop syntax to comment
archly on the body of the quotation.  And it's short.


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