Baron von Skippy on 19 Jul 2003 02:36:01 -0000

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[Spoon-business] CFI: Where am I?

I submit the following CFI, unless someone else has issued a similar one, in which case I don't.

Statement: Baron von Skippy's Score, Charm, BAC, Activity, Entropy, and Style are all either an undefined value in the set of real numbers or are the string value "any real number," or are an undefined one of the two.

Rule 154:
"A Dimension is any numerical attribute of Players which is defined as a Dimension by the rules. A Dimension can in general have any real number as its value, although specific Dimensions may have restrictions imposed on the range of values they can take."

Rule 407:
"A Space is a part of the game state in which it is possible to move in multiple directions. In general, a player's position in each direction is called a Component."

Also 407:
"The two Spaces that currently exist are the Dimensions, where each Dimension is a Component, and the Grid, where the X and Y values are the two Components."

Score, Charm, BAC, Activity, Entropy, and Style are all Dimensions. [[r154, Dimensions]]
Dimensions are a Space where each Dimension is a Component. [[r407, 
It is possible to move within a Space in the directions indicated by 
Components. [[r407, Space]]
Dimensions can have as their value "any real number" or any real number, depending on the interpretation of the player judging this CFI.

Thus, it is possible to set the values of one's Score, Charm, BAC, Activity, Entropy, and Style Dimensions to any value within the limits set by the subsections of the rule defining those Dimensions (154), to any real number or "any real number." I've done one of those. Neither answer bodes well for the game. I hope the judge of this CFI will judge TRUE, so that we can fix this obvious problem and move on.

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