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[Spoon-business] Foomp

>> -Rule 21 states "Whenever a rule states that a player receives points, 
>> the number of points in eir possession shall be increased 
>> accordingly." No rule states that you recieved points. And no rule 
>> states that "moving in the Score dimension" and "recieving points" are 
>> the same thing, so therefore you moved, but got no points as as 
>> result. Ditto for every other dimension. So... you're now at a totally 
>> random location with nothing else changed. Interesting.-
>According to r154 [[Dimensions]], "Score" is a nickname for "The number 
>of points in one's possession". By my previous logic, I can change my 
>score; this is equivalent to changing the number of points in my 
>possession, because that's what score is.
>Saying "ditto for every other dimension" is in this case completely 
>nonsensical; there is no equivalent of a 'point' in the other 
>And that bit of r21 has absolutely nothing to do with this. In fact, 
>that sentence has absolutely nothing to do with *anything*; it's purely 
>redundant. Of course if I get a point, I now have that point.
>And I did get points, by increasing the number of points in my 
-No, what you're saying is "The points in my possession have increased, therefore I recieve those points," which is not the same and is not allowed.

It should be noted that Rule 154 /also/ says "A Dimension can in general have any real number as its value." Now, by your logic we can set the values of our dimensions, yes? Okay, then. I change the value of my Score, Charm, BAC, Activity, Entropy, and Style to "any real number," noting that those undefined values are within the limits set by the subsections of 154 that define those dimensions. Now, this doesn't mean that I win, but it does mean that either you didn't win either or we've got to do the SOE dance again.

I declare a State of Emergency.-

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