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[Spoon-business] NWEEK 45 RESULTS

Props for next nweek:

"Players" is p1589/0.
Teucer's quote prop is p1590/0, /1.
BvS' quote prop is p1595/0.
"American Injustice" is p1596/0. (This was Teucer's USC prop, which was
"Sovereignty" is p1596/1 (revised, but still untitled by author. this
title better.) , /2.
"Hoo-HHHUUUGGGhhh..." is p1598/0.
"You Can't Even Do That When You're NOT Drunk!" is p1599/0, /1.

"Barney" was in fact supposed to be repealed, which makes p1598 sorta a
no-op. The author will, I'm sure, come up with something to replace it. :)

Wild Card apparently attempted to rejoin the game, but e ceased to be a
player at some point in the past, and didn't rejoin on a public forum.
SkArcher's attempt to give a point to Wild Card thus fails.

bd goes on Leave.

There's pretty much nothing left to be done for the nweek transition,
except activating a couple of Gnomes.

Today is nweek 46, nday 1.

Wonko's votes were received after the close of Voting. So were someone
else's who I don't immediately recall.

Proposal 1578/0 (Cleaning up) (Baron von Skippy):
AFF: Baron von Skippy (x2), Teucer
ABS: bd
ODD: Glotmorf (Y/A), Iain (Y/N), SkArcher (Y/N)
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (3-0-1-0). Measure passes. Baron von Skippy gains 12 points.
Multivotes or Oddvotes counted (3). Adjust totals manually.
Part 1 passes 6-0-1, Part 2 passes 3-2-2.
Created r154/22.
Created r301/48.
Created r405/14 (rectified: updated the 'random numbers' to match the
apparent intent)
Created r698/6.
Created r705/7 (rectified: removed spurious reference to Weather Gnomes)
Created r1071/7.
Deactivated r1183/2.
Created r1341/3.
Created r1342/1.
Created r1469/3.
Created r1503/4 (still deactivated).
Removed all members from vSOI, and deleted the charter of vSOI. (I'm sorta
surprised that BvS didn't find a way to run off with the 130 points vSOI
Created the vSET Charter (c1591).
Enrolled Baron von Skippy in vSET.

Proposal 1579/0 (Lock and Load) (Glotmorf):
NEG: Baron von Skippy, Iain, Teucer
ABS: bd, Glotmorf, SkArcher
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (0-3-3-0). Measure fails. Glotmorf loses 2 points.

Proposal 1580/0 (Subgame Rules) (SkArcher):
AFF: Baron von Skippy, bd, SkArcher, Teucer
NEG: Iain
SHL: Glotmorf
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (4-1-0-1). Measure passes. SkArcher gains 9 points.
Created r1592/0.

Proposal 1581/0 (Make your mind up first!) (SkArcher):
AFF: Baron von Skippy, bd, Iain, SkArcher
NEG: Teucer
SHL: Glotmorf
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (4-1-0-1). Measure passes. SkArcher gains 17 points.
Created r1252/2.

Proposal 1582/0 (Edge Squares) (Wonko):
NEG: Baron von Skippy, bd, Glotmorf, Iain, Teucer
ABS: SkArcher
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (0-5-1-0). Measure fails. Wonko loses 3 points.

Proposal 1584/1 (And I Feel Fine) (Wonko):
AFF: Baron von Skippy, bd (x2), Iain, SkArcher (x3)
NEG: Glotmorf (x3), Teucer
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (7-4-0-0). Measure passes. Wonko gains 13 points.
Created r21/15.
Created r22/7.
Created r154/23.
Cannot repeal r441: already repealed.
Cannot repeal r748.
Cannot repeal r850.
Created r625/18.
Created r1251/2 (rectified: removed extraneous reference to Entropy)

Proposal 1585/0 (For Valour) (SkArcher):
AFF: Baron von Skippy, bd, Glotmorf, Iain, SkArcher, Teucer
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (6-0-0-0). Measure passes. SkArcher gains 12 points.
Cannot implement: No proposal entitled "Goodbye Cruel World" passed.

Proposal 1587/0 (In Case of Magazine Article, Break Glass) (Baron von Skippy):
AFF: Baron von Skippy, Iain, SkArcher
NEG: Glotmorf, Teucer
SHL: bd
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (3-2-0-1). Measure fails. Measure is shelved.
Created p1593/0.

Proposal 1588/0 (You'd be surprised) (Wonko):
AFF: Baron von Skippy, bd (x2)
NEG: SkArcher, Teucer
SHL: Glotmorf, Iain
Counts (Y/N/A/S) : (3-2-0-2). Measure fails. Measure is shelved.
Created p1594/0.

Affirmative vote counts (BW Grem):
Baron von Skippy: 5 votes
Glotmorf: 0 votes
SkArcher: 14 votes
Wonko: 6 votes

Contrary vote counts (1pt per):
Iain: 1 votes
Teucer: 2 votes
Glotmorf: 1 votes

Psychic vote counts (IOB):
Teucer: 5 votes
Baron von Skippy: 7 votes
Iain: 5 votes
SkArcher: 4 votes
bd: 5 votes
Glotmorf: 2 votes

Plus Points:
Baron von Skippy: 12
SkArcher: 38
Wonko: 13

Minus Points:
Glotmorf: 2
Wonko: 3

Plus Props:
Baron von Skippy: 1
SkArcher: 3
Wonko: 1

Minus Props:
Glotmorf: 1
Wonko: 1
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