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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 45 BALLOT

>Proposal 1578/0: Cleaning up (Baron von Skippy)

>Proposal 1579/0: Lock and Load (Glotmorf)
No.  [[There are some relatively essential rules that could be repealed for no reason.]]

>Proposal 1580/0: Subgame Rules (SkArcher)

>Proposal 1581/0: Make your mind up first! (SkArcher)
Shelve.  [[Until we get checkpoints.  Love the idea.]]

>Proposal 1582/0: Edge Squares (Wonko)

>Proposal 1584/1: And I Feel Fine (Wonko)
No.  [[Grid.]]

>Proposal 1585/0: For Valour (SkArcher)
Shelve.  [[Discrepancy between title and prop number.  Otherwise, yes.]]

>Proposal 1587/0: In Case of Magazine Article, Break Glass (Baron von Skippy)

>Proposal 1588/0: You'd be surprised (Wonko)
No.  [[I'm fine with reforming the Grid, but I don't care for this approach.]]

[[Apologies for lateness; I was in Moorhead, doing business very similar to what I'm doing now.]]


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