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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 45 BALLOT

First of all, I change my philosophy to Selective Lobbyist.

Now then...

>Proposal 1578/0: Cleaning up (Baron von Skippy)

1. Yes.
2. Abstain. (Looks like this doesn't need my help to fail.)

>Proposal 1579/0: Lock and Load (Glotmorf)

Abstain.  Wasn't really expecting it to pass...but it got an amazing lack of outcry.

>Proposal 1580/0: Subgame Rules (SkArcher)

Shelve.  Nothing currently defines a subgame.  Perhaps the proposal can be re-worded to do so.

>Proposal 1581/0: Make your mind up first! (SkArcher)

Shelve.  I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as to this prop's necessity, but I'd rather wait and see if checkpoints get implemented before giving you points.

>Proposal 1582/0: Edge Squares (Wonko)

No.  Points for changing the grid AND replacing it in the same nweek?  I don't think so...

>Proposal 1584/1: And I Feel Fine (Wonko)

No, no, no. (Selective Lobbyist)  Points for changing the grid, killing it AND replacing it in the same nweek?  Someone spank this puppy.

>Proposal 1585/0: For Valour (SkArcher)

Yes.  I'd've preferred this to be unauthored, but hey, you're young here.

>Proposal 1587/0: In Case of Magazine Article, Break Glass (Baron von

No.  Proto-Players aren't listed as among the entities that can vote.  So newbies won't be able to play until the game expands to accommodate them.

>Proposal 1588/0: You'd be surprised (Wonko)

Shelve.  "I'm not dead yet!"


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