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[Spoon-business] I'm a what now?

This is my fortieth nweek as a player, and I still don't know what it means officially. We're here, so why don't we figure out what "we" are?

I propose:


Create a rule:

__Players__ {players, 2, 3}

There exist Players. A Player is the in-game manifestation of a being capable of passing the Turing Test. Players may perform any action allowed by the rules, provided they meet all requirements to perform that action [[no buying things you can't afford, moving places you're not near, etc.]].

Players cannot be destroyed or removed from the game in any way other than voluntary or forced forfeit, and then only if the rule describing the effect explicitly says so.

When a rule refers to a Player joining, forfeiting, or being expelled from the game, the word "Player" in that context should be taken to mean "the person playing B Nomic." In all other events, the word "Player" refers to the in-game manifestation of that person.


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