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[Spoon-business] Grid Prop Tweak

I amend my proposal entitled __Goodbye, Cruel World__ to read:

__And I Feel Fine__

Wonko looked down. A small orange beetle was crawling up his bare arm, towards his rolled up sleeve. He flicked it off, watching as it bounced off the edge of the station, beating its tiny wings, trying to slow its fall before it reached the inferno. It didn't make it.

Not that it made any difference; the machines knew not to destroy this corner 'til last, but destroy it they would. Nowhere on the Grid was safe.

With a twinge of regret he observed, through the shimmering curtain of heated air, the last remaining Service Mall going up in flames. Soon, it looked just like the rest of the Grid - a whirling firestorm, melting and incinerating anything and everything in it.

Apophis must be getting a kick out of this.

He glanced over at the shattered and melting remains of Apophis' Temple. Maybe not.

His headset beeped. Five minutes.

In the distance, a sudden blue flash marked another player's departure. He thought it was bd, but it could have been Anything; he knew they were both over there somewhere, but wasn't sure where.

Another blue flash came from the same direction. That would be the other of the two, getting away while there was still something to get away from.

More flashes appeared, as the rest of the Roster departed for the safety of Limbo.

An explosion in the distance sent molten rock flying as an Insta-Rule gave in to the fire and added its own considerable energy to the storm.

Wonko scanned the remnants of the grid; it looked like everyone had made it off safely.

Another beep. Two minutes.

Green lightning crackled to the sky as the spirit of Dave abandoned the barely-recognizable shape of the Avatar.

Wonko turned to his console, to begin keying in the escape sequence.

He turned back, as another blue flash caught his eye.

Near the vSOI headquarters, or at least what was left of them. Probably the Baron. BvS must have stayed for a last look at the building, he supposed; the Baron could be oddly sentimental sometimes.

Another beep. One minute.

Of course, that was how much time remained until the salvo of Shivas, as they'd been dubbed, arrived to make the destruction absolute; the bombs converging on the station were already clearly visible. They'd arrive in less than thirty seconds.

With one last look at the shattered world, Wonko finished the escape sequence. He caught a brief glimpse of what was probably a Shiva coming down through the smoky haze as the world went blue.

Repeal r948 [[Void]].

Repeal r949 [[Great Heights]].

Repeal r1134 [[Landscaping]].

Remove section A.3. [[Resource Units]] from r21 [[Capital Resources]].

Repeal r1077 [[Mining the Grid]].

Remove the text "Maximum Entropy becomes equal to 2; after the effects of this are processed, it returns to the value it had before" from r22/6 [[Post-Win Reset]].

Remove section B.6. [[Entropy]] from r154 [[Dimensions]].

Repeal r1355 [[Whoopass]].

Repeal r405 [[Weather]].

Repeal r1553 [[Everlasting Moon]].

Repeal r1554 [[Lunar Cycles]].

Repeal r408 [[Brooks]].

Repeal r1069 [[Service Malls]].

Repeal r1071 [[Speeders]].

Repeal r1075 [[Wealthy Bastard Speeder Upgrades]].

Repeal r1183 [[The Infinite Improbability Drive]].

Repeal r441 [[Gnomes]].

Repeal r748 [[Overseas Gnomes]].

Repeal r850 [[Gnomes on Sale]].

Repeal r498 [[Beer]].

Repeal r950 [[Hands]].

Remove the following sections from r625 [[Ministries]]:
C.1. Ministry of the Ordinance Survey
C.2. The Insta-Ministry
C.3. The Ministry of the Force
C.4 The Ministry of the Weather
C.7. The Ministry of Gnomes

Repeal r698 [[Insta-Rules]].

Repeal r1501 [[Insta-Rules Explode]].

Repeal r705 [[Bonus Boxes]].

Repeal [[sniff]] r815 [[The Force]].

Repeal r941 [[Priests]].

Repeal r942 [[Destruction]].

Repeal r1076 [[Rings of Summon]].

Repeal r1079 [[Debunking]].

Repeal r1141 [[Olive Trees]].

Repeal r1143 [[Barney]].

Repeal r1186 [[Lake Caffeine]].

Remove the text "Once per nday, each player may throw emself Elbonia-Style at any Grid location by declaring they do so in a public forum. Points lost because of this are immediately refunded. [[ Free bouncing! ]] All Bonus Boxes are treated as if they were a random one of the following types: Shiny Thing, Teleport Pad, Gnome-in-a-Box, Wormhole, Towel Rack [[ Party Favors! ]]
The effects of Sirens are treated as if it were the Tango Season
Whenever the Weather is updated, the temperature becomes equal to a random number between 25 and 35, the precipitation is treated as if the roll made for it were a one, and the wind becomes Calm. [[ Climate Control! ]]
All players' radars are treated as if they were 50. [[ Vision! ]]
Music is said to be playing, and the Grid Squares are said to be lit Disco-style. [[ Lights! Music! ]]" From r1251 [[Parties]]

Repeal r1266 [[Artifacts]].

Repeal r1267 [[The Shield]].

Repeal r1268 [[The Sledge-O-Matic]].

Repeal r1269 [[Standard Abuses]].

Repeal r1271 [[Races]].

Repeal r1503 [[Mass]].

Repeal r1552 [[Stat Modifiers]].

Repeal r1325 [[The Avatar]].

Repeal r1326 [[Armies]].

Repeal r1341 [[Land Ownership]].

Repeal r1342 [[The Groundhog]].

Repeal r1469 [[Proto-Ice Bombs]].

Repeal r1470 [[Payload Delivery]].

Repeal r1533 [[The Flag]].

Repeal r301 [[The Grid]].



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