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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 44 BALLOT

On 6/30/03 at 1:04 AM David E. Smith wrote:

>Proposal 1561/0: Connectivity (Wonko)


>Proposal 1562/0: Edge Squares (Wonko)

No.  The "if it fails" condition is gibberish on the website; the "if it passes" condition overwrites what would have been added by Connectivity passing.

>Proposal 1563/0: Mining Fix (Wonko)


>Proposal 1564/0: Masslessness (Wonko)

Oh, god, yes.

>Proposal 1565/1: Compulsion (Wonko)


>Proposal 1566/0: Re-Arranged (Anything McGee)

Yes.  Though it's funny that in my Research Process class "significance" means the degree to which something challenges the status quo...

>Proposal 1567/1: Proxy Fixes (Anything McGee)

No.  I see no reason to keep people from piling proxies on one person if that's what they all want to do.

>Proposal 1568/0: Minor Mass Change (Anything McGee)


>Proposal 1569/0: What, I'm the first to think of using the fulltext
>search? (bd)


>Proposal 1570/1: Fun for the whole family! (RESCINDED) (bd)

But...where's the fun in that?

>Proposal 1571/1: Do It Yourself (Anything McGee)

No.  Automation scripts can be used as failsafes.

>Proposal 1572/1: Cleaning House (Wonko)

No. (I still have this fantasy of seeing the grid full of rocks.)
No. (If yer gonna take out two police, you might as well take them all out.)

>Proposal 1573/1: Cleanup: Not the Grid (Wonko)

Yes, though it's a pity the class system never went anywhere.  Maybe something unofficial is worthwhile?

>Proposal 1574/0: Duties (SkArcher)

Shelve.  Perhaps I just need more convincing.  But I don't think there are a lot of things left that can be done by a non-Admin that aren't currently ministries.  Most of the things the Admin currently does involves updating the website and the database, neither of which can be done without a password and some competence.  Even the ministries are like this.  Now, if B Nomic were in a wiki or something...

>Proposal 1575/0: Goodbye, Cruel World (Wonko)

Shelve.  I'd much rather see a subgame grid that stuff can be migrated to.  Including existing objects.

>Proposal 1576/0: For Valour (SkArcher)

Oh, sure.

>Proposal 1577/1: Check it out! (Wonko)



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