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[Spoon-business] Nweek 18 end-of-nweek stuff

So, here's what happens...

"Neatening Up: The Grid" is 809/0.
"Gnomes for sale!" is 810/0.
"Sushi Forfeiture" (M-Tek) is 811/0.

Rob takes the Sushi from rachel.

The Clock turns Off. Whee!

Vote results are included herein by reference.

Rocky drops a Big Rock on the Grid (4 points).
The Bowling Gremlin has a lucky day indeed: 10, 3, (7, and 7) - 27 points
are awarded to each player who made a proposal.
The Bandit Gremlin gets confused - e can't give points to the player with
the lowest score, since there are twelve players tied for that honour -
and so e goes into Hiding.
The Insta-Minister is asked to remit an invoice for services rendered.

Nweek 19 begins:

The new Gremlin Number is 101.
The Immunity Idol is awarded to Wonko.
The Token of Proposals bounces off the Idol, and so is awarded to
Glotmorf. (The Bandwidth Gremlin becomes Active, btw.)
A Ball of Wax drops onto the Grid.
Two Sheep Gnomes rain upon the Grid.

I just realized a heinous mistake I'd made last nweek - I had the Gnome
Factory churn out an Alien Gnome, when it could not legally do so. (If
there aren't any Gnomes of a given type on the Grid, the Factory cannot
produce one.) The Alien Gnome erroneously placed by me is removed. (The
Gnome Factory produces a Sheep Gnome this nweek, since that's the only
Gnome type presently on the Grid.)

This week's Colour Commentator is Wonko. (Like it matters.)

rachel is Burnt by Bruce.

Nday 1 begins:

The Yeti is in Limbo.
Curt and Rod move.
The Weather updates. It's warm. (+5 degrees, to 40)

"You Won't Have DimShips To Kick Around Any More" is 822/0. (sigh.)
"Thanks For All The Memories" (respect prop) is 823/0.
"Hurg" is really confusing, er, 824/0, 824/1.


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