Rob Speer on 25 Jun 2002 16:33:03 -0000

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[Spoon-business] Recursion Limit

I propose:
{{ __Recursion Limit__

Create a rule:
{{ __Recursion Limit__ {* 1 *}

An Action performed by a Player (not by a Proposal or a Rule) is called
a Player Action, or PA.

All PAs have a Recursion Number, which is determined by this rule.

If a PA depends on one or more other PAs that have not yet been
recognized, its Recursion Number is one greater than the highest
Recursion Number of the unrecognized PAs it depends on. If not, its
Recursion Number is 0.

Any PA with a Recursion Number of 5 or greater does not occur.

If there exists a List of Standard Abbreviations, add the short form
"PA" and its completion "Player Action", and the short form "RN" and its
completion "Recursion Number", to the LOSA.

[[ The idea here is that most actions should be entirely unaffected, but
looping actions get shut down fairly quickly. If you do have a chain of
interdependent actions you want to do, then you can just wait for each
action to be recognized. ]]

Rob Speer

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