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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (finally... nweek 18)

Nweek 17 ends (finally!) and the Clock turns Off.

Residual effects of Entropy:
The Grid is no longer on Fire.
Five squares of Mud are randomly placed.
The Big Stick is randomly placed.
Rule 780's effects trigger (everyone's activity increases, to balance out
the decrease caused by non-voting, and the rule repeals itself. I'm
surprised nobody sent in a blank ballot, just to get their Activity to 1
instead of 0).

The Witch Gremlin becomes Active (and enters the Grid).
Rocky becomes Active, and buys a random Big Rock (4 points) (no siren).
The Bandit Gremlin has nothing to do.
The Bowling Gremlin has nothing to do, though e does become Active.

Nweek 17 ends.

Nweek 18 begins:

The new Gremlin Number is 48.

The Immunity Idol is awarded to Wonko (for scoring enough points that it
makes my head spin).

The Bandwidth Gremlin is Hiding, so the Token of Proposals is not awarded.

The Shield is placed randomly on the Grid.
A Ball of Wax is placed randomly on the Grid.
This nweek's Color Commentator is Iain.
Two Sheep Gnomes rain down upon the Grid.
The Gnome Factory spews forth something (an Alien Gnome).

The Clock turns On; it is nweek 18, nday 1.

Curt and Rod become Active, and appear on the Grid.
The Yeti goes into Limbo, as it's been well above freezing for the last
three temperature changes.
The Weather updates; it's rather warm. (+2 degrees, to 35)

End of update.

Nobody seems too keen on "Wht Dd U Sy?" or, for that matter, some of the
other stuff, so I'll just go with one proposal for now (a general Gremlin
cleanup sorta thing)...

{{ __Population Control__

Remove sections B.5. (the King Gremlin), B.8. (The Golden-Armed Gremlin),
B.10. (The Five-Star General Gremlin), B.11. (The Goon Gremlin), and B.12.
(The Police Gremlin) from Rule 256. Renumber the remaining sections so
that no numbers in the series are omitted [[ i.e. the old b6 will now be
b5, and so on ]].

Destroy the Gremlins whose rules were deleted by the above.

Remove items 7, 8, and 10 from the numbered list in Rule 296, renumbering
the remaining sections so that no numbers in series are omitted. [[ Same
as above, but cleaning up the Immunity Idol rule. ]]

Replace the section defining the AAAHHH! Gremlin with the following:

There exists a Gremlin known as the AAAHHH! Gremlin. If, at any point,
there are no Gremlins in Hiding, or if, at any point, all Gremlins are in
Hiding, the AAAHHH! Gremlin makes a Primal Scream.

If The AAAHHH! Gremlin makes a Primal Scream, 1d8 random Gremlins become
Active, and all other Gremlins go into Hiding. Then, the AAAHHH! Gremlin
becomes Active.

Make the following Gremlins Active: Luigi, the AAAHHH! Gremlin, The Bandit
Gremlin, and the Flaming Gremlin.

[[ Under the strictest letter of the law, there's no way for these
Gremlins to ever become Active again. I think this is a bug. ]]


The above is recognized as 781/0.

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