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[Spoon-business] More proposals

[[Screw the boilerplate. Just pay attention that I am proposing rules.]]

I propose a rule:
{{ __Not So Fast__ {* Score, 3 *}

At no time may a player's Score be more than 200 points higher than what
it was at the beginning of that nweek.
[[ Imagine score actually meaning something, as players can't just get
all 1000 points at once! ]]

I propose a rule:
{{ __The Show Must Go On__ {* Clock, 3 *}

The Clock may be turned off a maximum of twice per nweek. If it has
already been turned off twice in an nweek, then any action which would
result in the Clock being turned off is illegal for the remainder of the
[[ Hindsight is 20/20. ]]

Rob Speer

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