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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Friday afternoon)

First off, I'm obliged to deal with Wonko's Win, and run through Rule 22
accordingly (since that happened before the Emergency started):

All dimensions are zeroed, except for Wonko's Respect (which is 1). All
Players' scores are set to 10, but they get zeroed again by the Refresh
Proposal later on.

The Apocalypse occurs, as detailed in Rule 440. (The Grid is cleared,
nuked, and so on. I'm not gonna type "Fire" into each of the 400 Grid
squares; live with it.) There IS still a Beer Can on the Grid, though.
There's also a Yeti and a Football, but otherwise it's pretty barren.
(Since nobody's left on the Grid, nobody's Radar is blipping. Anyone who
happened to write down where those Radar Blips were can have some fun,

All Players are in Limbo; all Gnomes are Hiding. All Gremlins have been
destroyed (those that weren't Bagged by r440, and those that were by the
Refresh proposal).

I delegate the specified Insta-Rules to the Insta-Minister (who is obliged
to delete all existing Insta-Rules, to create the four specified in
Rule 440, and to invoice me at the end of the nweek).

Created rule 394/11 (switch endzones).

The Weather updates twice (once for the Win, once for the Refresh): it's a
warm 33 degrees, but it has cooled down a bit.

Wonko, BvS, and Glotmorf aquire Titles.

Created 441/3 (rectified: 1 points -> 1 point).

All proposals for the nweek 17 ballot are considered discarded (though I'm
not deleting them from the database, or re-issuing their serial numbers).
Ditto for the listed CFIs.

Created 493/4 (nobody can have a DimShip).

Created 780/0 (Dead Time).

No player is recognizing an Emergency any longer. Yay.

The Clock is turned On. My best guess as to its correct setting is: nweek
17, nday 7. (We've got a couple days before anything really interesting
becomes legal again to sort that out, if I've erred.)

Technically, I'm supposed to issue a ballot in a couple hours, but there's
nothing on said ballot, so just look at a blank sheet of paper and pretend
it's the ballot.


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